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Kirsty Anna Sinclair

UK professional astrologer Kirsty Anna Sinclair offers astrology readings to anyone wanting to know more about themselves. Kirsty is wearing a cream woollen jumper and standing in modern architecture.

Hello & welcome to Stellar Guide Astrology

I’m Kirsty, a psychological astrologer, teacher, careers guidance professional and a holistic wellbeing expert.

Whatever has led you to consider a consultation – curiosity, confusion, life purpose quest, grief or a need for hope – astrology offers a compassionate transition guide for these moments in time.


How I Work

I am an interpreter – a translator of your unique interstellar coding, helping you gain clarity on how to live as well as possible, according to your natural characteristics, connections and life purpose.

My astrology gives you clear, integrated interpretation of complex and nuanced information, delivered with compassion. I avoid swamping you with information; I keep your questions uppermost in my mind and allow flexibility during the reading for the unexpected.

Having been a regular astrology client as well as a practitioner, consultations are shaped to contain what’s of greatest benefit to you within and after a reading. This includes the opportunity to ask follow-up questions, as it’s common to have them.

Navigating stormy times with a professional astrologer. They can help you find your way through difficulties.


What is psychological astrology?

I work within the field of psychological astrology, which is based on the work of renowned psychologist and astrologer Carl Jung. Jung’s work was grounded in universally-recognised human behaviour patterns, making something that can seem mysterious both relevant and practical.

Psychological astrology offers deeper understanding of yourself, and new insights into your experiences. It can help reduce stress and confusion, and providing you with valuable insights for navigating Earth School and our cyclical lives.


What can I ask for help with?

Your questions might be about events earlier in your life, current significant life events, wishes and dreams, changes or decision dilemmas.

Sometimes there can be an assumption that astrology exists to predict the future. Whilst wanting this is understandable, there are often deeper reasons why we want to know what will happen. In truth, there is always free will in operation (yours and other peoples’).

If we feel more sure of ourselves and our capacity to cope with change and uncertainty, it’s the best gift we can give ourselves, and astrology does help with that. The cycles of life and particular topics are constantly reflected in your chart through the planetary movements – as above, so below. In general terms, astrology reminds us that there is a time for everything, and will illuminate current and future life emphasis. It can help us make sense of the past, too.

People use astrology for guidance on all kinds of things! Please contact me if you’re unsure and we can arrange a chat.

Compassionate astrology readings with professional psychological astrologer Kirsty Anna Sinclair.

Insights into my strengths and potential weaknesses

“Kirsty clearly explained my personal chart, giving me insights into my strengths and potential weaknesses, which helped me project forwards towards more satisfying work, instead of trying to fulfil a role that wasn’t really me. Sometimes we pretend we’re someone we’re not, accidentally or otherwise, and need a prod in the right direction. Kirsty has a positive and caring persona, and there are only gains to be had by choosing Kirsty for finding out more about yourself, and the universe we live in.”

Tracie K, Personal Assistant

A grounded, easy to understand astrology reading

“For anyone wishing to receive a grounded, easy to understand astrology reading I encourage you to choose Kirsty Sinclair as your astrologer. Her approach is very steady and attuned which makes it easy to absorb and digest. We are all living through times of deep change and upheaval. Kirsty offers a way through that process, offering us a way to navigate our own inner and outer constellation map, which ultimately benefits us all, making this world each day a softer place to heal.”

Lorna Bailey, Author

Astrology reading ... so insightful

I had an astrology reading with Kirsty and it was so insightful. She was so accurate in terms of my strengths and personality, which allowed me to lean into myself more and trust my instinct.

Kirsty is authentic, has a natural gift of allowing you to be able to listen into what you need and how to maximise your time, so you can create balance in your life. She is really passionate about considering alternative approaches to ’getting things done’ and avoiding following dominant ideologies which can often lead to burnout.

Louise Norbury, coach

Astrology readings lighting the skies. A boat's lights are visible at sunset.

first-time consultation

What happens in a natal chart reading?

Before our meeting, I use your birth information to plot a sky map (natal chart), and sometimes more than one type. I spend time studying the placements and geometrical relationships of the planets and other objects and their movements since you were born.

During our time together, I offer astrological guidance on any life issues or questions, and how best to navigate them using your unique gifts. Our sessions are always client-led with priority given to what you want to know within the time we have.

After our one-to-one, you receive a copy of your chart and written notes, containing key facts about your chart. There are often questions that arise for clients within a few days, so there is Voxer access during the week afterwards to help with that. (Voxer is a walkie talkie app, similar to WhatsApp; it’s very easy to use).

ACCESSIBILITY: If you find live video difficult to access, please get in touch so we can work out something more suitable.

GIFT A READING: You can gift a reading to someone; they make ideal birthday gifts, or can help when someone’s experiencing a difficult life transition. Please contact me to arrange this; my digital gift certificates are beautiful.


Natal Chart Reading

  • Welcome questionnaire
  • Preparatory research
  • Our 1 hour, 15 minute session together via video (recorded if you choose)
  • Your natal chart
  • Key points about your chart for easy reference
  • Personal guidance notes 
  • A week of Voxer afterwards for follow-up questions




Anything goes

After we’ve done your natal reading, a follow-up session is where we might look more specifically at a particular focus of your choice, and I will look at the current planetary movements in your chart to help you gain clarity on current events.

All the key planets and objects in your chart move, at different rates and directions, sometimes intermittently. It’s their geometric relationship to each other over time that creates different patterns of focus, help and challenge, and understanding these gives us clarity, and the knowledge that everything evolves.

We will be able to establish what areas of your life have particular focus and the planetary reasons for that, and look at future focus and timelines.

Navigating stormy times with a professional astrologer. They can help you find your way through difficulties.


Follow-up Reading

  • Our 45 minute session together via video (recorded if you choose)
  • Your chart showing current planetary transitions 
  • A week of Voxer afterwards for follow-up questions